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Take High-Quality Animated Webcam Photos with the new Camimate web appilication

Share your Quick Snaps online with people from all over the world, with the brand new quick snap page at WebcamWall.


The Blender photo booth application allows you to blend together a selected image (either a built in one or one you select using the "Load Image" button) and your webcam instance to create a funky looking new photo to share with friends and family online.

Chrome Apps

Chrome users can now add an app extension in your browser. Click this Snapshot 2 or Green-Screen link to read more.

Audio Messages

This new feature will allow users that upload their images to HTMLChat to attach an audio message to that image. For example: if you use the Christmas Snapshot App to upload a festive photo, then you can also upload a Happy Christmas message with it.

Taking Photos

Use your webcam to take photos online and even offline for free with these fun flash based webcam applications. Each application has some unique (as well as some classic) effects, filters and/or themes for you to try.

For a timed snapshot so that you can set a pose, simply selected a time delay from the drop down list. With delays as short as three seconds or as much as sixty seconds.

Snapshots Online

Your uploaded snapshots will be set to private by default, but the option to share and make them public as well as submitting to Tumblr will be given after uploading your photo. Clicking the "Copy" button will save your link to your clipboard for pasting to friends and family online.

Snapshots Offline

While using this page offline you will still be able to save snapshots using the "Download" button to save locally to your computer. However the "Upload" button that hosts your photos to HTML Chat will require a connection to the internet.

Sharing With Tumblr

After your image has been uploaded you will be given the option to share your image on Tumblr for reblogging or even add your own Tumblr link to help new users find your Tumblr page and follow.


This application requires that you have Javascript enabled in your browser and that you have the Abobe Flash Player installed. You can get your most up to date version of Flash Player from the Adobe Installation Page.

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If you like these webcam photo booth applications then please use the share bar below the application and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus 1, Tumblr and more to support this site. Thanks!

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